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"Leanne has such warmth of personality and it really shines through in her classes. It is such a treat to attend a class with her. She manages to achieve a perfect mix of the nurturing and soulful, yet with a great workout and with some physical challenges along the way.

She is a fab find!"



Hi! My name is Leanne, a E-RYT 500 registered with Canadian Yoga Alliance from Toronto, Ontario. 

I thought I would share a little bit about myself, what got me into yoga and why I continue to teach the practice to others!

I began practicing yoga on and off over 12 years ago. It wasn't until 8 years ago I started to fall

in love and gain a real appreciation for this practice. Throughout the years I had completed

various courses in college, jumping from program to program unsure of what I really wanted

to do in life. I never felt fully satisfied or inspired to pursue any of the paths I had studied. 

I felt as though I was in a place of uncertainty, no direction, and lack of motivation. 

I took a year to focus on myself, and discover what I was really passionate about. I soon

developed a huge interest in meditation, and found myself beginning a dedicated home

practice. It didn't take long until I started to noticed various shifts...clearing away 

frustrations, negative voices, resistance, everything that was holding me back from living a

truly happy life. Next, something guided me to attend yoga classes at a local studio. 

It started with class once a week, then twice, then I found myself there almost everyday.

No matter how terrible I felt I was at it, I always seemed to walk out feeling amazing and

better than I had going in. I thrived off of the philosophy my teachers weaved into every class. 

Encouraging you to bring intention and more connection to the mat. I found it to be a loving,

moving meditation, almost like a dance between the movement and the breath. It was a way to

move out of my mind and deep into my body where nothing else mattered expect that moment and

that breath. It gave me a greater perspective on myself and life. 

Just 6 months later I found myself enrolled in my first yoga teacher training. At first, I never had the intention of teaching, I simply was there to advance my own practice and learn more about the art of yoga. By the end of training, I had a realization, this is what I was meant to do and how I wanted to serve others. I wanted to share this practice with as many people as I could and hope to make even the slightest positive shift in someone else's life.

Now, 6 years later I have completed over 500hrs of training with various teachers who continue to inspire and teach me each day. I look forward to this continuous journey of learning and sharing this practice with you through classes and retreats around the world!


Yoga to me is a practice that is so beautifully unique to each individual. Completely your own and ever changing as you evolve as an individual. There is never an end to the continuous learning and growing that takes place. It is a practice of complete patience as you let everything resonate in its own time. It's a practice that builds a harmonious relationship between the body, breath and mind, it goes far beyond any physical benefit and becomes a way of life, apart of who you are. It's a process of unravelling and pealing back the layers to get back to the core of who you really are, revealing the most authentic version of yourself. Through this exploration you really begin to notice a shift in yourself, your life and begin to build a greater love and appreciation for yourself and everything that surrounds you.


I have partaken in a number of various trainings and had the privilege of learning from many different teachers who continue to inspire and help me grow each day. Currently I am a E-RYT 500, primarily trained in Vinyasa Yoga, however my other trainings include both Yin Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage. 

My intention is to empower you to cultivate a greater presence and connection on the mat. Providing you with the tools and encouragement to move past just the physicality’s of the practice but move into a deeper and more transformational shift that will translate into all areas of your life.


You will find my teaching style emphasizes on mindful alignment and connection to breath, while moving you through a loving mix of strength & fluidity on the mat. With my natural tendency to nurture, she is dedicated to holding a safe and comforting space for my students to evolve physically, emotionally and spiritually as you delve into a deep state of relaxation.