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Whether you are just beginning your yoga journey or a more seasoned practitioner, I aim to be there every step of the way, bringing you inspiration and encouragement to deepen and grow your practice of yoga. Providing you with tools and lessons along the way so your practice is not limited to the time on your mat but apart of every moment you live. 


My Intention

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Yoga Instructor

Owner/ Founder of Drift Yoga  

To me yoga is a place where extreme growth and healing can begin to happen. It is a journey that goes beyond learning the asana and connecting to breath but allows you to begin nurturing the most meaningful relationship you will ever have. The relationship with yourself! Yoga and meditation are both powerful tools to help us gain more self realization and self reflection. Giving you greater insight into who you truly are, what you desire, what fuels & inspires you and helps you begin to live your most authentic life staying true to who you are.


Hi, I'm Leanne


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Deepen your experience on a Drift Yoga Retreat! An unforgettable experience filled with adventure, relaxation, delicious food, tons of activities and most importantly a time for you to reconnect with yourself. 


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Find out when and where you can join Leanne in the studio!

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