Private Yoga


With the current situation of COVID-19 I have moved many of my offerings to online and that includes offering private yoga sessions online. If you have been finding it hard or intimidating to follow along with the online classes, live in a different location or just feel like you need a little bit more guidance, this may be for you! 

Online Private Yoga offers a variety of benefits that you may not receive in a group setting or live streamed class.


+ Enjoy a guided practice from the comfort of your own home.

+ Classes are designed with you and your needs in mind.

+ Flexibility in creating a schedule that works around your life.

+ Ability to zone in and expand on certain areas of the practice or particular postures.

Whats Included?

+ 15 minute initial phone call for a quick introduction as well as discussing your needs and any health concerns.

+ 75 minute private yoga session with Leanne that will incorporate a quick check in at the beginning to assess how you are doing physically, emotionally and mentally that day. After assessing your needs I will guide you through a variety of movements, breathe work and possibly some yoga philosophy to help you evolve even more and deepen your practice. At the end of each session I allow some time to discuss, offer feedback and observations. 


First Session

(Test it out and see if its for you!)

1 Session - $40

Regular Pricing

1 Session - $70

5 Sessions - $325


+ Contact Leanne by clicking 

+ I will then receive your email and send you a form to fill out which will help me better understand what you are looking for. From there we will set up our initial phone call and plan our sessions!

"Leanne's experience and skills are clearly demonstrated in each class.

With every class being different she leaves you feeling challenged and positive that you are making clear progress in your practice. However, what makes Leanne's classes stand out from the crowd is her wisdom, positive energy and a wonderful Savasana, which grounds you and prepares you for the outside world."