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Private Yoga

One on One

Yoga classes customized to your needs!

Private yoga is a wonderful way to practice for many reasons. If you are nervous to join a class setting, private yoga can be a great way to make you more comfortable and at ease. If you are a new or experienced student and want to gain a better understanding of the practice, private yoga can give you the opportunity to ask questions and gather feedback during your session. If you are having trouble fitting a live class into your schedule but like the idea of the live experience, private yoga is a great way to make that happen. If you're looking for a private class for a group of friend or special occasion, private yoga can be a great way to bring people together!


First Session

(Test it out and see if its for you!)

1 Session - $70

Regular Pricing

1 Session - $90

5 Sessions - $400

10 Sessions - $700

Whats Included?

  • 15 minute initial phone call for a quick introduction as well as discussing your needs and any health concerns.

  •  75 minute private yoga session with Leanne that will incorporate a quick check in at the beginning to assess how you are doing physically, emotionally and mentally that day. After assessing your needs Leanne will guide you through a variety of modalities which could include yoga postures, breathe work, meditation, sound healing and Thai Massage depending on what she feels is needed in each session. 

Get Started!

Contact Leanne to get started on your wellness journey. 

"Leanne's experience and skills are clearly demonstrated in each class.

With every class being different she leaves you feeling challenged and positive that you are making clear progress in your practice. However, what makes Leanne's classes stand out from the crowd is her wisdom, positive energy and a wonderful Savasana, which grounds you and prepares you for the outside world."

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