"Leanne made our group feel very welcome from our arrival with her over the top assortment of lunch and appetizers, to our great breakfast each morning. Her instruction during our yoga was exceptional  The Thai Message was the most amazing experience I have ever had during a massage. Leanne is  a very special and gift person and I look forward to experiencing another retreat with her in the future."

Susan | Ontario, Canada

"Thank you Leanne for a wonderful experience. The combination of a beautiful cottage, amazing yoga, healthy food, the best Thai massage I’ve ever had and a great group of women made this retreat a perfect escape."

Jill | Ontario, Canada

"Last year's retreat in Nicaragua was such a great experience for my husband and I. Made new friends, loved all the additional excursions including surfing, sightseeing, the boat cruise, bevies on the beach with our new friends. Your yoga classes and instruction were the best we have ever had!"

Grant & Sheri | Ontario, Canada

"Leanne's experience and skills are clearly demonstrated in each class. With every class being different she leaves you feeling challenged and positive that you are making clear progress in your practice. However, what makes Leanne;s classes stand out from the crowd is her wisdom, positive energy and a wonderful Savasana, which grounds you and prepares you for the outside world."

Yasemin | London, UK

"It's Leanne's amazing personality that made me attend her yoga practices. Her positive, radiant energy transforms the practice and transfers to everyone in the room. You leave her practice feeling alive and refreshed."

Shirley | Ontario, Canada

"I have just returned from an amazing experience in Peru with Drift Yoga! I must admit, I was a little uncertain about attending a yoga retreat. I don't practice yoga on a regular basis and I have had a knee replacement. For these reasons I wasn't sure about my ability at something like this. I will tell you now, I am thrilled that I chose to go, I was also very surprised to see the wide range of yoga experience. I didn't feel alone and I also appreciated the incredible capabilities of the participants there. An inspiration for me to work towards! Leanne was a wonderful host and teacher, she was able to modify some of the yoga poses to work for me and my knee issues along with anyone else that needed modifications or enhancements to push them to the next level. This is something that at a regular class is difficult for the teachers to have time to do. One of the many benefits of this retreat was having a morning and evening class everyday for the week allowing each guest to have a close connection with our teachers as well as each other at the retreat. The teachings included verbal instruction, adjustments to correct postures, the presence of touch and meditation. All of which was extremely beneficial. This truly was a vacation to a place with accommodations I would not typically be able to afford had it not been through this group retreat, with the added bonus of yoga teachings and new friendships. I honestly don't think I have ever had such a full and relaxing vacation like this before! I can't say enough about this amazing experience and the attention to detail and professionalism displayed by Drift Yoga! I highly recommend that you spoil yourself with a friend or family member or all of the above! You won't regret it!"

Cat | Ontario, Canada

"Leanne's classes are powerful and direct but with a soft flow that makes you feel like you effortlessly dancing. Like a song that you've never heard but seem to know the words to or like a dance you've never danced but you feel like you know the next step. Her humble confidence creates a safe space for her students to open and explore different aspects of their practice. Leanne as a person is genuine, driven, extremely kind, confident and funny. I hope to be able to practice with her again one day, but if you have the opportunity to take a class from her then don't pass it up!."

Nicole | Canada

"Leanne not only fulfills the role of an accomplished Yoga instructor and Thai masseuse but also a gifted host of her retreats. From the exquisite food to her attention to detail is unparalleled. A fabulous retreat and I will most certainly be a participant again!"

Valerie | Ontario, Canada

"The 2018 yoga retreat in Nicaragua was absolutely life changing for me. The food, location, atmosphere were all top notch. The yoga was challenging yet doable. But most importantly, this retreat experience was exactly what I needed at this time in my life. Not only did it uplift my spirit and awaken my senses, it completely filled my soul. I had giving from an empty cup and it helped me learn that self-love is the most important love there is. Both Ali and Leanne are genuine people and you could feel the love and hard work they both put into making sure we were all having an incredible experience. I am really looking forward to the upcoming Peru retreat!

Kat | Alberta, Canada

"Leanne has such warmth of personality and it really shines through in her classes. It is such a treat to attend a class with her. She manages to achieve a perfect mix of the nurturing and soulful, yet with a great workout and with some physical challenges along the way. She is a fab find!"

Nicola | London, UK

"Leanne's classes are a wonderful mix of challenge and relaxation, breath and focus. She is able to always bring you back to your intention/ the higher purpose of yoga through her words. Loved her sunrise classes and still miss them to this day!"

Cathy | Ontario, Canada

"I have had the pleasure of participating in the last two retreats hosted by Drift Yoga and have now fallen in love with the retreat experience. It is the only time in the year that I take just for myself - to disconnect from the craziness of our everyday worlds, to come down physically and mentally, to relax, to release tension in my body through all the yoga practices and still my mind with the meditation sessions. I connect with myself on a level that I can't achieve on a daily basis back home - although I always take a piece of the experience with me and implement it on a more regular basis. The retreats mix travel, a bit of adventure, great groups of people, amazing locations and hotels, and a lot of downtime to reflect and restore. Highly recommended!"

Jennifer | Ontario, Canada

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