Hi I'm Leanne!

Hi, I'm Leanne. I guide people through a variety of yoga movement, meditation and breath. I first stumbled upon yoga at the age of 16, but it wasn't until I was 22 that I really started to deepen and grow into my practice. It was then when I experienced the true magic of yoga as I began to deepen my knowledge in not only the asana portion of the practice but the history, philosophy, breath work and meditation side of things. That is when I really started to grow and see a shift happen in myself and my life as I started taking these teachings and incorporating them into my life off the mat. 

I went on to do my first 300hr yoga teacher training in Barrie, ON with Ann Green. At the time I had little interest in actually teaching yoga but was inspired to continue depending my knowledge on the practice. Sure enough as soon as I graduated I could not wait to share what I had learned with everyone! If I could create even the slightest impact on someone else's life the way yoga did for me then I would be happy!

Since then I have completed another 200hr training with Meghan Currie in Nicaragua, Yin Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage, SUP Yoga and other advanced trainings to help me safely guide you through your yoga practice. I have now been teaching yoga for almost 7 years from various places around the world. Just a few years ago I started my own company, Drift Yoga where I started to organize and host yoga retreats both locally and internationally so I could bring people together and offer a deeper, more transformational & unforgettable experience.

You will find my teaching style emphasizes on mindful alignment and connection to breath, while moving you through a loving mix of strength & fluidity on the mat. With my natural tendency to nurture, I am dedicated to holding a safe and comforting space for my students to evolve physically, emotionally and spiritually through this practice.


I aim to make this practice accessible for everyone! No matter where you are in your practice I am excited to always meet you where you are at offering a variety of modifications and advancements making everyone feel comfortable and welcomed into the practice.


Teaching Style