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In 2016 I started organizing and hosting Drift Yoga Retreats to help people delve deeper into their yoga practice while enjoying an unforgettable vacation with a group of like-minded individuals. So far we have traveled around the world to locations like Italy, Nicaragua, Peru, Mexico and local lakeside retreats in Northern Ontario. 

During a Drift Yoga Retreat my intention is to create & hold a space that brings together a group of like minded souls to evolve in your yoga practice helping you align with the truest, highest version self. Throughout our time together I hope to elevate and deepen your yoga practice through asana, breath work, philosophy and meditation. I hope to provide you with tools and techniques to help you begin living a life of yoga on and off the mat no matter where you are or what life throws at you.

The experience brings you into a magical location to help you instantly unwind and become present with the experience you are about to embark on. You will be provided with yoga and meditation classes, nourishing meals using local ingredients, activities to help you explore the surrounding area, immerse ourselves in the culture and plenty of free time to explore and make this experience exactly what you need.

Join the experience!

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A little glimpse into a Drift Yoga Retreat!

Sneak Peak

What People Are Saying

"Last year's retreat in Nicaragua was such a great experience for my husband and I. Made new friends, loved all the additional excursions including surfing, sightseeing, the boat cruise, bevies on the beach with our new friends. Your yoga classes and instruction were the best we have ever had!"


—  Grant & Sheri 

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