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This library of classes will give you the freedom to pick and choose from a variety of class styles, lengths and prices, making it both accessible & affordable for anyone to practice. My intention is for this space to help you connect to your practice on a deeper level and offer you the tools to take your practice beyond the mat and into all aspects of your life.

There will be new classes posted here to help keep you feeling inspired and most importantly, help you grow & deepen your practice no matter where you are!

Choose Your Practice

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Online Studio

A little sample of what you can expect!

Sneak Peak

"It's Leanne's amazing personality that made me attend her yoga practices. Her positive, radiant energy transforms the practice and transfers to everyone in the room.

You leave her practice feeling alive and refreshed."

Pick a Playlist


If you love practicing along to music I have added a link below to my Spotify account where I have over 50 different playlists that I have carefully spent the time to create for each of my classes. Feel free to follow along and select a playlist to practice to!

Choose your practice

Online Studio

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