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Finding Balance Within

By: Leanne Davis

Just like everything in life, we require balance.

The term balance can refer to a multitude of areas within our life, but today I would like to discuss the importance of reconnecting with the balance within ourselves. The connection between our body, mind and soul and how we can rebuild and experience this connection through the practice of yoga and mediation.

Finding a sense of balance is an area that I believe we can all relate to, and in one way or another it is something we all strive for. Although we all want to feel good and lead a life of happiness, sometimes we find ourselves just feeling ‘stuck’. I will be the first to admit that through recent changes in my own life, an inner balance is something I personally have been struggling to obtain. However, after ignoring many signs from my own body, and noticing how this imbalance was directly affecting other areas of my life, I made the conscious choice to begin nurturing that balance once again. Like anything in life, it is a process and I believe a great place to start is through the practice of yoga and meditation.

In the practice of Yoga you will hear the term ‘union’ used quite frequently, which derives from the word ‘Yoga’. When we practice yoga or any form of meditation this is exactly what we are doing, creating a union between the body, mind and spirit, and in result bringing ourselves into a state of harmony. This is not something that is new to us by any means but something we have merely forgotten that already exists within each one of us.

When we do yoga, or meditate we are simply allowing ourselves to experience something that already exists within us. On a physical level we are opening up all channels of the body to allow energy to flow more freely, unblocking and curing various ailments within. Mentally, we find the ability to draw a connection back into the mind, heart and hand which translates harmony between the way we think, speak and act. And on a spiritual level we begin to diminish the ego so everything we do can come from a place of greater truth and authenticity.

Our bodies are extremely intelligent organisms and they without a doubt let us know when things aren’t right. Because everything in the body is connected and work in correlation with one another, when we experience an imbalance in one area it will directly affect other areas within us, like a chain reaction. This can become present through various ways in the body and will vary from individual to individual, but based on my own experience I thought I would share just a few of the signs I was experiencing from an imbalance and lack of nurturing towards myself.

Inability to focus or find yourself easily distractedTendency to be forgetful or experiencing memory lossSense of loneliness or isolationSleeping too much or too littleFeeling overwhelmedIrritability or short temperedSaying ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to things and regretting it afterDifficulty making decisionsFinding it difficult to connect or communicate with othersFailure to make changes happen in your life

I doubt I am alone in experiencing some of the signs above, so if you can relate to any or all of those signs, I have listed a few helpful tips below for you to work on and begin to incorporate into your daily routines.

Meditate Regularly: This is as simple as just noticing your breath no matter where you are or what you are doing in a day. You can also follow along to the meditation video I have provided you with here. This meditation follows a pranayama practice called Nadi Shodhana, also known as alternate nostril breathing to balance and restore our nervous system.

Practice Yoga: Do a yoga practice either in studio or online at home. (As little as 10 minutes each day can be extremely beneficial)

Mindful Diet: Be mindful as to what you are putting into your body, how it makes you feel afterward. As well as notice the patterns in ‘how’ or ‘when’ you chose to eat.

Do you tend to skip meals or binge eat? Are you an emotional eater?, etc.

Awareness: Noticing your emotions throughout the day and the shifts that occur. When you find yourself feeling stressed or anxious, take a step back. Focus on lengthening both the inhale and especially the exhale to bring yourself back into a calm state.

Spend time outside: Fresh air and connection with nature can be the best medicine there is!

Fuel your passion: Whatever it is you enjoy doing, set some time aside each day to engage in that activity.

Slow down!

I am hopeful that by sharing this with you and offering up my own experiences, you too can begin to listen to your body in a new way, and begin to nurture your own body, mind and soul in a way that works for you. As a result we can all continue to grow as individuals, and bring a greater sense of security to our overall mental peace and well-being.



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